Saturday, October 7, 2017



The Baja Peninsula boasts some of the most exciting snorkeling sites in the world and Cabo San Lucas offers some of the best snorkeling on the peninsula. Santa Maria Bay and Cabo Pulmo are perfect examples. A snorkeling tour is the best way to experience what both sites have to offer. 

The Sea of Cortes is home to abundant marine life that come in all shapes, stripes, and colors. In Los Cabos, snorkelers can book outings with any of several qualified tour companies such as Cabo Adventures or hop aboard a charter boat that also offers snorkeling.In Cabo San Lucas, the best spots are found near Land’s End. You can swim alongside playful sea lions and view more than 40 different types of fish. Activity companies frequent beaches such as Chileno and Santa Maria. Chileno, one of the cleanest beaches in all of Mexico, is especially good for snorkeling because large boats must stay farther out in the water, providing a safer space to explore. Should the crowds get too big for your taste, you can walk a few yards down the beach to a less populated area.
Snorkeling options in San Jose del Cabo are limited. It’s best to plan a trip to the East Cape, which is known for its ideal diving and snorkeling conditions. Cabo Pulmo, on the East Cape, has the only coral reef outside of North America’s Pacific side. Unlike other reefs, it has grown 300 percent since being declared a protected site.

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