Friday, December 11, 2015

Just for curiosity..

Did you know that:
We have a resident population of Fin Whales (Balaenoptera physalus) and Bryde’s Whales (Balaenoptera edeni) here in the Sea of Cortes. This populations spend all years in Sea of Cortes waters, traveling north and southward looking for food and breeding areas.

California (North Pacific) Gray Whale’s Population Migration Route:
Gray whales are famous for their extensive migrations. Gray whales travel back and forth between the cold Arctic seas where they spend summer and the warm Mexican waters where they send winter, wish amounts to about 12,400 mi (20,000 Km) of travel a year.
The Gray whales’ southward journey takes approximately two and a half months: they leave the Artic by late September and arrive in the waters off southern California and Baja by late December. This migration coincides with the reproductive activity of the whales, and once in the warm waters, most females either mate or give birth. By late February or March, Gray begin their return to northern waters.

North Pacific Humpback Whale’s population migration route:
The migration cycle takes about a year. The humpback will typically spend 3 to 4 months at their feeding grounds. These feeding gorunds extends from the west coast of California to Washington State, for the North Pacific population. From there, they will travel more than 10,000 km south to their breeding grounds. This trip can take between 2 to 3 months. The North Pacific population will choose to migrate to one of 3 general areas in which they will either give birth, reproduce on just tag along for the ride as may be the case for those whales that have not yet reached sexual maturity. The 3 most popular breeding areas are: Bay of Banderas (Jalisco), Islas Revillagigedo and Baja California Peninsula. They will spend an average of 3 to 4 months in these grounds. Then, they return to the north to feed again in preparation for next years migration. And so, the cycle repeats.

Humpback Whale:
Is a baleen whale. One of the larger rorqual species, adults range in length from 12-16 matres (40-50 ft) and weigh 36,000 kilograms (79,000 lb). The humpback has a distinctive body shape, with unusually long pectoral fins and a knobbly head. IT is an acrobatic animal, often breaching and slapping the water. Males produce a complex whale song, which lasts for 10 to 20 minutes and is repeated for hours at a time. The purpose of the song is not yet clear, although it appears to have a role in mating.
Found in oceans and seas around the world, Humpback Whales typically migrate up to 25,000 kilometers each year. Humpbacks feed only in summer, in polar waters and migrate to tropical or sub-tropical waters to breed and give birth in the winter. During the winter, Humpbacks fast and live off their fat reserves. The species’ diet a diverse repertoire of feeding methods, including the spectacular bubble net fishing technique.
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Friday, November 6, 2015

Los Cabos Black Friday Weekend


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Snag Your Dream Vacation with a Bargain at Solmar Hotels & Resorts
Los Cabos Hotels Set to Unveil Exclusive Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Los Cabos, Mexico (November, 2015)With the official launch of the holiday season quickly approaching, and the recognized shopping festivities set to ensue in the days following Thanksgiving, Solmar Hotels and Resorts is pleased to unveil ‘suite’ deals to snag a pre-holiday getaway.

Steeped in family traditions, and with a dedication to hospitality, Solmar Hotels and Resorts offers five distinguished resorts, each with their own unique attributes and offerings within the sought-after destination of Los Cabos, Mexico. On November 27, each property will be unveiling exclusive discounts for up to 64% percent off hotel accommodations for travel through December 26, 2015.

For a limited time, guests are encouraged to get away this holiday season and take a break from winter with luxurious accommodations.  These special offerings will be unveiled on Black Friday and available for booking through Cyber Monday via the resorts’ official websites, as well as on Solmar Hotels & Resorts’ social channels. To book accommodations with these one-time-only discounts, guests can use

For more information on Solmar Hotels & Resorts properties, visit:

Located on Baja California's most exclusive and private beach, Solmar Hotels & Resorts offers guests privacy while still being able to enjoy the excitement of downtown Cabo San Lucas. The collection of five all-suite resorts offers guests the highest quality of service and hospitality. Within the past year, Playa Grande Resort and Spa as well as Solmar Resort were awarded the RCI Gold Grown Resort Award. Additionally, TripAdvisor recognized Grand Solmar Land's End Resort & Spa among TripAdvisor's Traveler's Choice Awards. The property was ranked 8th among the Top 25 Hotels in Mexico and received TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence.  Grand Solmar Land's End Resort additionally ranked 5th among the "The Best Beachfront Hotels in Los Cabos" by USA Today.  Grand Solmar Land's End Resort was also recognized by Travel + Leisure ranking 2nd among the World's Best Family Travel Hotels in Mexico, and 99th in the Top 100 World's Best Hotels.  For more information about Solmar Hotels & Resorts, visit, follow us on Twitter @SolmarResorts, Instagram and Pinterest and visit our Facebook page.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why is Cabo San Lucas the Perfect Destination for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day...

As you know, Valentine’s Day  is an excellent opportunity to remind our loved ones of how much we care. 

That’s exactly why Los Cabos is the best place to celebrate this special day.

With some of the finest beaches in the world, Cabo San Lucas is a unique destination in a very exclusive class.

Here are some ideas for how you can enjoy this piece of paradise.

Downtown Cabo San Lucas teems with distinctive boutiques and world famous stores. And there’s a wide choice of first-class dining establishments with romantic views of the marina and the Sea of Cortez.

However, to really honor this day you have to make a stop at “La Playa del Amor,” but don’t cross the line because you will find yourself in “La Playa del Divorcio.”

White sand beaches and the remarkable natural beauty of the blue sea will make you want to stay in Los Cabos. 
Whatever beach you choose; remember that the most important thing is to enjoy your time with your partner.

Things to do that are a must in Cabo San Lucas for Valentines Day are the following:

Reconnect with your senses and strike a balance between body and mind at one of our spas surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.


Shop in one of our local stores Downtown; where you can find Flowers, gifts, jewelery and more!

Romantic Dinners
Enjoy a beautiful dinner on the beach with sunset like no other. You pick, on the beach of the Pacific Ocean or Sea of Cortez.

Words can’t describe the extraordinary sunsets Cabo offers on a daily basis. 
That’s why I attached some photos so you can see for yourself how breathtaking the sunsets can be.

As the perfect end to this February 14th, share a delicious meal at one of our luxurious restaurants; a favorite is Romeo and Julieta. 
What better way to celebrate this day than to honor those who fought for their eternal love.

Bring someone to Cabo San Lucas who can make you smile!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015



5  days

As we all know, the Super Bowl is not just a game.

The Super Bowl is “The Game.”

That’s why we begin every season filled with passion and desire for our team to reach the finals.
       This year, the two finalists are the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. 
                    Win or lose, all the players are to be congratulated for making it to Super Bowl 2015!

Here’s a little history about the teams and their quarterbacks.


Professional football arrived in New England on Nov. 16, 1959, when a group of local businessmen, led by former public relations executive William H. "Billy" Sullivan Jr. was awarded the eighth and final franchise in the new American Football League. One week later, Northwestern University running back Ron Burton was selected as the franchise's first draft choice and Syracuse running back Gerhardt Schwedes was selected as the team's first local choice. The American Football League merged with the National Football League in 1970.

Super Bowl results for the Patriots:

Jan. 26, 1986          Chicago Bears           46 - New England Patriots   10
Jan. 26, 1997          Green Bay Packers   35 - New England Patriots    21
Feb. 3, 2002            St. Louis Rams         17 - New England Patriots  20
Feb. 1, 2004            Carolina Panthers     29 - New England Patriots  32
Feb. 6, 2005            Philadelphia Eagles  21 - New England Patriots  24
Feb. 3, 2008            New York Giants      17 - New England Patriots     14
Feb. 5, 2012            New York Giants      21 - New England Patriots     17 


Tom Brady

Thomas Edward Patrick "Tom" Brady, Jr. is the quarterback for the New England Patriots of the American Football Conference of the National Football League. Brady was picked in the sixth round of the 2000 draft by the Patriots.
Born: August 3, 1977 (age 37), San Mateo, California
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Superbowls: Brady has won three championships in five trips to the Super Bowl. He has also won two Super Bowl MVP awards.

On June 15, 1972 Seattle Professional Football Inc., a group of Seattle business and community announced its intention to acquire an NFL franchise for Seattle. Almost two years later on June 4, 1974, the NFL awarded the group an expansion franchise. On December 5, 1974, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle announced the official signing of the franchise agreement by Lloyd W. Nordstrom, representing the Nordstrom family as majority partners for the consortium. Nordstrom died of a heart attack on January 20, 1976, just months before the Seahawks played their first game.

Super Bowl results the Seahawks:

Feb. 5, 2006      Pittsburgh Steelers  21 – Seattle Seahawks 10
Feb. 2, 2014    Denver Broncos       8 - Seattle Seahawks  43

Russell Wilson

Russell Carrington Wilsion is the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football Conference of the National Football League. Wilson was selected by the Seahawks with the 12th pick in the third round of the NFL draft.
Born: November 29, 1988 (age 26) in Cincinnati, Ohio
Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Superbowls: Wilson is the quarterback of the reigning Super Bowl champions.

Join us for the big game and show your support.

What team is your favorite? Who will take home the trophy?