Friday, November 22, 2013

Temazcal, ancient steam lodge ceremony

The temazcal is an ancient steam lodge method where we receive the vital force thru the blessing of the four elements: earth, water, air and fire.

It is said that the ceremony is the first and oldest steam lodge method that exists and has been conserved by the Mesoamerican Indians up to our times.

The ceremony takes place in an atmosphere of respect and humility with an specific purpose. It is a space our of space, a time out of time, an interior here and now, an encounter in the darkness, where the light is born. The purpose is to leave all that no longer serves us,  what no longer belongs to us and which damages us. We come to regain forces, open up our heart, our consciousness and to remember our original purpose, “enjoy the life and to do well to others”.

In order to light up the sacred fire, volcanic rocks are heated up and placed them in to the center of the temazcal along with aromatic healing herbs. Ones we are inside and in the darkness we pour water into the heated volcanic rocks and create steam, the original temazcal ceremony utilizes prayers to guide chants and plays drums and instruments to accomplish our purpose.

The ceremony of the temazcal is a beautiful moment full of power in your life, an opportunity to reconcile with ourselves, with our relationships, life, health, force and with our spiritual.
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