Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3 Great Ideas For Autumn Weddings At The Beach

Cabo San Lucas is one of the most important wedding destinations around the world, especially when during the fall season, the perfect time to get married.

Hello October! Here at the Solmar Resorts we are excited because weddings are just around the corner and our wedding coordinators are getting ready to start making your dreams come true. 

Wondering what trends are in this year? Here are 3 fantastic ideas that brides are using this autumn season for weddings:

1. -  Use colors like pale green, brown, pale orange or hot orange, pale pink mixed with hot pink looks goes well, maybe you can mix these colors with a turquoise, beige color or white so we can make it more beachy.

2. - If you are getting married in Cabo, no need to bring super fancy wedding attire, we know it’s your wedding day and you must look like a queen and a king, but you can do it even when you are on the beach.  We suggest you to buy something fresh and nice, it can be a cocktail dress made from light and flowing material and for the men, maybe some white and beige linens and light cottons.  

Don’t forget that in Cabo the sun always shines and we don’t have a lot of trees with leaves to fall all over the place, so please do not imagine a classical autumn wedding. Always think, that you will be near the ocean with amazing weather.

3. - Lastly, don’t forget that in Cabo sometimes it’s kind of windy at night so If you are planning to do candles as centerpieces, it’s very important to rent or bring candle holders as high as possible so the wind cannot blow the candles out, we recommend to bring electric tea lights if you would like to have votives. Also for name placement tags, if it’s a small wedding you can do frames with the names so they do not blow over or if it’s a big wedding you can bring holders for the tags or make something at home, for example craving the names on wood plaque, perfect autumn touch.

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  1. You have shared great information on these ideas for autumn weddings. Few months ago, I arranged my sister’s wedding at one of grand NYC wedding venues. Invited all my family and friends for this event and had great time together.